Our History

Pious Mission School is a concept envisioned, formulated and put into practice on 2016. Up till now, it has earned a unique reputation of becoming a full-fledged academic movement in Jehanabad. In keeping with the high tradition of achieving excellence through self-motivation, It has progressed in the teeth of tough op- position from many quarters and by long odds, it nailed its color to the mast. The expertise and dedication with which it worked, went home to the people and it made its mark as the most up-to date concept in the field of academic education. This school is Managed & Run by - PIOUS EDUCATION TRUST (Reg. No: 22AR/PVT/2017) . The School is based on English Medium following CBSE Curriculum.


An Education that promotes intellectual exellence, Religious tolerence patriotism and uprightness of character.

A wll knit team of qualified, competent, sdencere and dedicated local & out of state teachers with a veried range skill and interest is going to be needed by very experienced principal.